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All I need is a bath... my thoughts when I finish work and get home! Those days we spend 10 hours in the same place, giving our best whether it is making a cake or selling a product, those times we feel the dirt of the air coming to us and all we ask for is a bath full of water and great smelling products! Yes it happens to me every Sunday, after a week of work!
As on a daily basis a 10 minute shower is enough for the end of the week I feel the need to pull out my pampering products being them at the moment all from The Body Shop Blueberry range! I love me a good blueberry scent, still remember the time I used to eat blueberry syrup with rich tea cookies at my internship... Nothing that I'm proud of but still shows how I love it!

According to TBS website this range has been discontinued even thou I still see it around in stores, it's worth taking a look at your local shop if you fancy some! Pamper session to me starts with a good scrub to rub the dirt off my skin and the icing sugar I accumulate after a day of making endless buttercream! May sound the dream job but I assure you it ends up in a mess and all the icing sugar will be stuck to your skin and hair! To solve this I have the Blueberry Body Scrub-Gelee which has blueberry extract on it, as expected, provided in a gel like formula, that I never seen before! With sand like beads this for sure takes every dead sell off from your body and leaves the skin smooth and wrapped up in a comfort scent! 
After scrubbing well I go over with my Blueberry Shower Gel which claims to be a soap-free cleanser, once again, with blueberry extracts! The all range smells divine but the shower gel has the most intense scent to it and to add to the fun it gets very foamy which I love!! I don't feel my skin any dry after using these products and a feeling of comfort comes across when I get out of the shower! 
To complete the pamper session in blueberry glory I finish with a Body Butter that TBS is well known for! It is my first Body Butter from them and I have to say it is amazing for those days you have time! I find it a bit hard to sink in on the skin which is not the best when I'm in a hurry but pamper means relaxing so I have all the time in the world to indulge my body in this great product. It leaves skin soft and hydrated with a divine smell that I have to confess gives me comfort and sense of nostalgia!

Tell me all about your favourite body products!

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