Makeup Lesson #2 - Eye Shapes


To start off, last post was all about Face Shapes and as I said I'm now continuing with my Makeup Lessons from the book ' The Makeup Artist Handbook' which is amazing!

Since we did face now it's time for the eyes!

Eyes can be categorized in six basic shapes:

Even-Set, or Balanced, Eyes: 

Equals one eye length apart. This is the eye shape that is considered the 'perfect' one aesthetically.
You can do almost anything with the even-set, and not be concerned with corrective makeup.

Wide-set eyes:

Are spaced farther apart than the length of the eye. To bring the eyes closer together, place a dark color on the inside inner corner of the eye.

Deep-set eyes:

Are recessed farther into the eye socket. To bring them out, place a lighter-colored shadow on the upper lids. Use medium rather than dark colors in the eye crease. Less is more with this eye shape.  

Large Eyes:

Will in some cases need to look smaller. A large eyes conveys surprise and/or shock, which we will cover later in our discussion of facial expressions. To make the eye appear smaller, use darker colors on the eyelid and eye crease.


Round Eyes:

Can handle most colors. The eyeliner will need to be adjusted if you have to make the eye look more almond-shaped. Place eye-shadow color on the eyelid, blending up at the outside corners. You can also place a dark color on the outer top corner.   

Small Eyes:

Need light-colored shadow to open them up. Dark colors will only make them smaller. To give the illusion of a larger eye, use a light color on the eyelid, and medium color in the eye crease. Again, less is more.  

As you can see there's a lot to take from these lessons and I hope you're enjoying them as much as I am! I'll continue them but with no schedule defined!

Do you learn anything from these?! Tell me bellow :)

Thanks for reading,

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