I Won't Give Up


The beauty, fashion, lifestyle bloggers world is huge and every year loads of people decide to create a space to share their talents, opinions, passions.
I'm no different and since I became a blogger I'm so much more into this world than I was before... 

It all started with Youtube and Portuguese bloggers... I used to spend hours watching beauty videos and reading blogs. It's no different now but I know my opinion has changed and my point of view is from inside now!

All the work that's put into this little piece of internet is beyond huge and outsiders don't seem to recognize it, which I don't blame. I don't think it's supposed to be easy it's just supposed to be fun! Everything you love deserves to have all of you in it.

I'm seriously deep into makeup for about 4 years now, it may seem a lot or a little since I'm 18 years old.
I find that's a good number but not good enough.. I can't remember if I shared this with you but I always wanted to study Makeup, have classes related to this huge beautiful world... But I'm ambitious and since my parents didn't let me go for that way I had to wait, and I am still waiting.
I won't give up for the fact that I love what I do besides my Pastry course, which I love as well. I just tend to plan the things but they never come out the way I want them to be. So here's my proposal.. 

Keep writing about what I love as if it's my main goal in life. I won't expect nothing from this beside the love I already have from you, I won't create imaginary scenarios of me going to a makeup school and becomeing NikkieTutorials (who I admire so much). I'll only do what I love and share what I care about.

Thank you so much for all the support! It means the world to me, every comment, every sign of your presence, its like I'm being reward for all the work and love I put into this! I can't thank you enough, seriously.

I hope you all have a wonderful life, and never give up from your dreams, if it doesn't work one way it might work another! But never cross your arms and wait, fight for what you care about for what you think it'll make you happy!

Take care,


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