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Cakes! Who doesn't like them? I do, of course!
If you've been a follower for at least 6 months you know I'm a pastry chef, most will say I'm just a baker, but baker everyone can be! Since I had to stay 1 year and half at school wearing a super ugly uniform and study hard to get a good grade in my Pastry course I sure deserve the title! Apart from all my knowledge on the subject I decided it was time to grow my book collection on the department and why not share it with you!

I've been working as a cake decorator and I do ~200 cupcakes a day if not more! I do love doing it but at home I often bake a super basic cake with barely no frosting on and that's it. Not for lacking inspiration mostly because I'm tired of doing the same and buttercream has never been my favourite! To give this bad habit a twist I decided to grab a couple of books and get motivated to create beautiful and tasty cakes even when at home!

The Hummingbird Bakery is very well known, or at least I think so, and for a long long time I've wanted to try some of their book's recipes! I finally did, very successfully which means something! 
Their traditional brownie has been a favourite among the family and for sure baked a lot, as it is super easy with not many ingredients on the list which makes the all process a lot less frustrating! This book is very complete as it shares cupcakes, cakes, pies, brownies, muffins and cookies recipes, it doesn't have lots of recipes among the subjects maybe 5 or 6 each but those will serve you well! My next try will be their cheesecakes!! 

My second and as well loved cook book is by Primrose Bakery and it's all about cupcakes! Their chocolate cupcake recipe is to die for as well as their vanilla cake! You will find a lot of recipes alongside different buttercream flavours to complement those and lots of decor inspiration! If you're more on the cupcake side you sure will love this particular book! It also has themed cupcakes for halloween and christmas time! How exciting!!
If in doubt you can always take a look in store and see how you like them but one thing I can say they have both amazing recipes that actually work, as you may have experienced some books have recipes that won't make your life easy! 
Overall I've been enjoying having these on my collection and can't wait to experiment more! And who knows share with you some recipes in the future ;)

Tell me all about your favourite recipe book!

Thanks for reading,

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