The Fault In Our Stars - John Green


I just finished the book. 

There's no words.
The humor, the tragedy, the love, the compassion and other feelings.

It's definitely a good book, in fact i can't remember to read something like this. It's not my favorite genre of literature but it caught my attention and i read it in 3 (separated) days. 
It's a little book..  255 pages in total.. which compared to my all time favorite book is a baby.

I can't say it has been spectacular to read it. It hasn't.. in fact it was something like 'reality trying to punch me' more than 'fantasy trying to comfort me'. 
The reality I'm talking about is not cancer or other diseases, it's not pity or strength. It's all about humanity.
The feelings we develop for equal others, the barriers we have to jump while remembering to breathe. 

I won't write spoilers so if you want to read you don't have me screwing everything up.

    You probably know the book is about a girl and a boy... but in fact its more than that. 
I felt like it was about myself at some parts and, don't take me wrong, i'm a healthy person..
It's just the way things are exposed.

Everyone that reads says 'you're going to cry' and you start reading it and think 'why should i cry about this' and let me be honest, you're not going to cry if you don't feel like doing it and it's okay 'cause it's not an order to cry over a book. It's more like something that happens.  

Enough metaphors.. 
It's a good book and you shall read it.


Thanks for reading,


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