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Good Morning lovelies!!

Last month i did a post where i showed you my eyeshadow palette collection and i told you i would make a post sharing with you my single eyeshadows collection!

Since i have so many i decided to do separated posts based on brands..

Kiko Makeup Milano again, i know i know i'm obsessed! Keep in mind i buy Kiko since my 15 which means all the things i own from them have been bought for the past 3 years!

Eyeshadows were on my first Kiko online order and i fell in love. 

Kiko has the Sphere range and the normal range. The first colour you see from the left is part of the sphere and it's a pearly beige colour! I love use it in my inner corner to highlight!

 White eyeshadows are not always pigmented as we liked them to be, Kiko in general is a really good eyeshadow brand and the white is my most pigmented, you're probably thinking it's not that pigmented but for the price is the best i could have!

Soft matte browns are not easy to find at least where i live and this one, Oh My! It's perfection. I love to wear it on the eyelid or on the crease to blend.   

02 - Rosy Almond - 5,90 €
167 - White - 4,90€ (all the following eyeshadows have the same price as this one) 
121-  Matt Dove Grey - It has been discontinued 

Here's the swatches, light colours are never much pigmented but in the eyes they look absolutely amazing! 

The black eyeshadow was one of my first ever purchases from Kiko and i absolutely adore it! It's so pigmented i can't even! I'm not sure if it was matte before but i can see some slightly shimmer on it.

Shimmery shadows are usual my go to crease colour! This brown is no exception! I also like to use it on my lid but mostly i use it to blend!

The perfect burgundy colour?! I may say yes! Sadly it has been discontinued but i'm glad i have it! This eyeshadow is one of my most worn and it goes with every colour! It has shimmer and looks perfect!

180 - Mat Coal Black
123 - Satin Wood Brown - It has been discontinued 
136 - Copper - It has been discontinued

As you can see they have good pigmentation, keep in mind i'm not using eyeshadow base in any of the swatches.

Bright eyeshadows are also a favorite.. i guess i love eyeshadows entirely, no matter the finish or the colour.

Bright blues i find them not so pigmented but Kiko changed my mind! I love this colour so much! It has some silver shimmer.

Purple as you already know is one of my favorite colour to wear on my eyes, this one was also one of my first Kiko Eyeshadows and it's so damn pigmented that if you don't use a biphasic you're going to be with a bit of colour after removing it! It's a matte colour!

Another copper colour, i bought the 2 i own online i was so unsure of which one to pick that i bought the two of them. They're different but i love both. This one has gold shimmer.

163 - Cerulean
158 - Mat Dark Violet
137 - Pearly Copper

I can't stop raving about them! They're affordable, great quality and have a good longevity!
4,90€ each but Kiko usually have them on sale for 3,90€ or 2,90€ which is even greater! (does this word exists?)

I have so many eyeshadows from other brands that i also love but if you're a newbie i advise you to pick some from Kiko!

Thanks for reading,

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