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Fall is here, shall I say finally? I love fall, the warm coloured leaves that fall in the ground, the rainy days with a cup of teat at home and of course Halloween!
It's my first Fall/Winter in England and to be honest I'm a bit scared as I heard it can be really freezing sometimes, but still I can't let that ruin my makeup!
In the spirit of a new season here's a collection of eyeliners that will transform any rainy day!
Back in the day I was all for my black liner but lately I've been much more adventurous and opting for a few browns and metallic shades! With holidays around the corner we couldn't ask for better opportunity to use that gold liner that is sitting in the drawer! Or a silver, why not? Browns and metals come in a different collection of similar shades that will sparkle up this Autumn and bring some looks together, what do you say about a vampy lip and that bronze shade in your lids? That's right! 

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Essence Long Lasting 19 Hot Scorch / Kiko Intense Colour 03 / Kiko Smart Eye Pencil 802 / Kiko Glamorous Eye Pencil 404 & 400 / Kiko Smart Eye Pencil 800 / Essence Long Lasting 05 C'est La Vie!
In a variety of shapes and forms, brands and names this Fall I'm pulling out Essence Long Lasting Pencil in 19 Hot Scorch on my waterline as it stays put for many hours and has this stunning copper shade, alongside the Kiko Intense Colour Eyeliner in 03 smudged on my lash line giving that natural but putted together look! As for those times I'm in a mood for a lighter option I'll grab the Kiko Smart Eye Pencil in 802 just for a touch on my under lash line or even the Galmorous Eye Pencil in 404 to complete a plummy look! As the leaves inspired me to pick those colours and bring the Autumn air to the makeup menu I also decided to bring out the metallic shades to sparkle up the rainy days and celebrate all the upcoming festivities! 
That stunning gold you will want to wear on Christmas day is the Glamorous Eye Pencil by Kiko in the shade 400 that for sure will look stunning paired with a red lipstick ;) but if you're not much on the bright bold waterline the muted sparkly beige shade Kiko offers gives a great alternative - Smart Eye Pencil in 800. Last but not least I couldn't do a metallic eyeliner post without a silver so here it is, the stunning Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in 05 C'est la vie that gives any eye look the extra hint of glam! It is super pigmented and stays put! I'll for sure use it a lot this Winter!

Now that the eyeliner wardrobe is complete for the Fall time which one am I missing here? 

Tell me all about your favourite shades to wear this season!

Thanks for reading,

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