Not every time we feel like we're at home.. Home doesn't mean 4 walls and a door.. Home means 2 arms and a hug... 
Protection is something we need often.. but sometimes we think we have it while in fact we don't.

You can be at home with your parents and feel like you need something else.
I need something else..  

It's okay to need something more than what we have, i personally don't think it's ingrate to go somewhere else.. As long as we don't forget where we belong things will always be okay.

Curiosity is something we born with.. It's human and we're humans. If we don't know something and it captivates our senses it's fine to have some kind of curiosity about it, and it's fine to search for it and study it.. Generally life must be lived the way you want to live it as long as you don't hurt anyone around you and respect your parents, friends, relatives and other people who might be socially involved with you.

Keep in mind it's naive to think you're going to get everything you want the way you want.. Things are not simple as that but it's fine.. life knows what she does right?! 

It's important to fill your inner self with experiences and needs. It's not about the comfort money can give, it's the comfort someone can give.
It's all about someone, relationships are important, are essential. It doesn't mean you have to have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, it means you need to have someone to hold you in every kind of way and for some of us that someone is our parents, for others is a friend.

It doesn't matter if you look fragile, it's part of us, weakness, but we're also strong beings! It's just complicated to have conscience about things.. Philosophy was always one of my favorite things to learn and i always feel like different perspectives are taken but all of them have one simple conclusion..

That conclusion is being Human.   

I don't know if this makes sense but honestly i won't worry about it.  

Thanks for reading,

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