I owe you something...


Hello sweethearts,

Is everything okay with you?! I hope so!

We're all on that time of the year... Exams and more exams to study for, less and less time to do what we enjoy doing.
I'm no exception, which means, as many other student bloggers, I'll be updating less my blog.

Unlike Uni students I won't have Summer holidays since my internship is going to be at the 3 months of plain Summer! I'm not complaining since I knew it would be this way, but it's kinda annoying to have less time due to other priorities.

I just want to give you an explanation for my future lack of presence and ask you to be patient. I'll be updating as many times as I can which means I won't give up my blog. This blog means a lot to me, the people around me notices that and supports me which I'm very thankful!

One more thing, I don't count numbers, I count people. If you want to stay even when I'm a little more busy Thank You from the bottom of my Heart! It means the world to me!

If you think my blog doesn't worth your time, I, of course, feel sad about it yet I wish you a wonderful life!

Thanks for all the support, I'm new and I know it seems like I have nothing but to me I have a lot, and you make this a LOT possible! 

Wish you good luck for your exams or other important events you may have to attend!

Thanks for reading,

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