It's not only makeup that i love #2


April April April..
What a month!!!

How I Met Your Mother...
Where We Are Tour... 
The Fault in Our Stars...

And so many other things!

This month i was advised to watch HIMYM and since i was in holidays i said 'why not?'...
Regret it  for the fact i have 7 more seasons to watch.. But i have to say that I'm loving it to death!
It's definitely one of the best series out there and I can't understand why I never heard about it before.. or at least didn't pay attention to it!

It's funny, romantic, and when i watch one episode i have to watch 5 at least which means i spent my holidays watching the 2 first seasons of it!
I stopped for now since I have loads of work but when I have a break I'll start watching it again fer sure!   

So.. where we are tour started on April 25th.. Which means an internet Apocalypse!
Directioners went crazy! And as fan of this band i went a bit crazy too..
In a good way of course!
I'm going to attend this tour on July so i'm a bit excited, i think its the best tour they ever made!
Amazing songs, Amazing show!

The same person that advised me to see himym told me to read this so raved book...
I only read 2 chapters but oh my goodness! It's really good!
The thing is, i already saw the movie trailer and my friends already told me the whole story... I have so many spoilers but it's not that bad..
It's a funny book but i know i'll cry a lot when the bad news come..
We'll see!

April news were basically the 3 above! I'm loving the new serie and the tour updates!

What are you loving at the moment?!

Thanks for reading,

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