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Blue reminds the perfect naked sky of summer time.
Blue is peaceful, is calming and relaxing.
Blue is the colour of winners!  

It seems like forever but hey, here I am again, writing and sharing with you my passion for makeup, blue and life. 
This week I was given a Drop Dead Gorgeous eyeshadow!! Thank you Raquel ;)

While studying for finals I looked at this piece of pressed pigment and thought what should I do with it?! 
And then 💡...

I love eyeliner, black, blue, white, every colour! But sometimes it's not easy to find the shade you're looking for and that's why it's handy to have a white creamy base such as Jumbo eye pencils or a white eyeliner! As long as it's pigmented you can create every eyeliner colour you want!

This idea is not new, I already did it once or twice but this particular look is my favorite so far. Simple, defined, colourful, different.

It screams happiness and freedom!  

Enough talk! 
To create this look I used:

NYX Jumbo Pencil in 604 Milk
Kiko Makeup Milano Eyeshadow in 162 (discontinued)

Firstly I sharpened the pencil till have a nice point and then draw a line following my lash line and creating my desired eyeliner shape.
Then I used a regular eyeliner brush and applied carefully the eyeshadow over the white base following the shape and filling it till there's no white showing up!

Applied some mascara and it's done!

I loved how this look turned out! If you love eyeliner looks try this one ;) 

Thanks for reading,

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