Let's get Coralissius!


Good evening beauty lovers, 
Spring is here and so are the bright colours.. With that in mind i always try to switch up my makeup according to the season, does it make sense?! To me at least..

I love coral makeup looks, coral eyelids, coral lips and coral blush..
So lets get coralissius!!

2 Lipsticks: pinky coral and orangie coral
Both great pigmentation and durability. also friendly price!

Here's Essence Longlasting Lipstick in 01 Coral Calling - 2,89€

As you can see it tends to be a pinky coral and the photo doesn't make justice according to reality..
It's bright yet not unwearable on daily basis. 

 The lipstick its creamy and confortable on the lips, i enjoy using it with a purpulish eyelook, not too heavy.. It makes all the look seem much more fun and fresh.

The next lipstick is from Catrice Ultimate Colour range and in the shade 050 Princess Peach - 4,49€

As said in previous posts Catrice lipsticks are my favorite, the longevity is amazing and it's confortable. The shades help a lot aswell.. 
It's such a gorgeous colour to own and for those out there loving orangie lips it's the perfect one to get! Not too washed out not too orange and bright! It's the perfect combination!

I love this lipstick.. before getting it i debated a lot.. I went to the store and look at it, swatched it in my hand and left without it.. this 3 or 4 times before getting it.
No regrets! I love the shade, i love the way it feels and for this time of the year makes me look so much more awake and springly (if this makes sense) 

Here's the swatches of both lipsticks:

left to right:

Essence Longlasting Lipstick in 01 Coral Calling  
Catrice Ultimate Colour in 050 Princess Peach

As you can see the pigmentation of both is amazing!!

Still in corals .. here's my one and only blush:

Catrice Defining Duo Blush in 050 Apricot Smoothie

Yes, you read it right! One and only...
To start off i never was into blushes, i can't figure it out how to use them properly, yet.. 
I'm learning how to adapt it to myself..
This is the first one for the simple reason that i love peachy cheeks..  
 It makes the skin look so naturally good and healthy!

The swatches are from the both colours 

The light colour is the main of the duo and it's on the left side of my arm.
As you probably know i mix the two colours and it results in the almost same colour of the main one..

The blush has some sparkle which i thought it would bugs me but in fact it doesn't.. it's fine and not that noticible on the skin, such perfect healthy glow..

Last but not least an eyeshadow that doesn't seem coral on the picture but i assure it is!

Catrice Ultimate Eye Colour in 100 Welcome to Miami Peach
(such original names Catrice gives to their products) 

 It doesn't look much of a peach but it still is a light peach sparkly eyeshadow that i enjoy to wear all over the lid or in the inner corner..
It lights up the look and makes it look springly and funny!

Though this post is about coral makeup items i own i don't recomend using them all at once.. in my opinion it doesn't look good, yet you're free to use whatever you feel like to ;)

I hope you liked this post and feel a bit inspired by the coralissius makeup and feel more into Spring season!

Thanks for reading,

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