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Good morning beauties! I wish you a wonderful week :)

To start fresh in this long week i'm here to share with you my makeup removers and opinion on which ones i find better for me..
As you may know we're all different so what suits me may not suit you but in general products are meant to suit a general range of people!

As you can see i have some different makeup removers and this because i like to switch them up.. Sometimes i'm in the mood to use wipes other times i prefer biphasics..
And so on..

Starting with biphasics eye makeup removers:

Douglas xsmall Gentle Eye Makeup Remover ~2,99€
Sephora Waterproof eye makeup remover ~4€

Both of these are travel size because i like to try different products before investing on them.. if you have the option travel size or sample products go for them first! It can save you money if you don't like them..

I find both really similar.. Sephora is almost gone and i have it for the longest time so it lasts a good time.. it removes waterproof makeup gently , there's no need to rub your eyes off with this product.. it's a bit greasy but it's normal for biphasics..  
Douglas one is similar so nothing more to add actually..

Cleansing Milks are not my favorite to be honest.. it's not because they're bad.. it's just personal preference.
Sephora Soothing Cleansing Milk ~4€

I find this milk really smooth and great but personally i prefer the other's i'm mentioning, i don't feel like it cleanses all the makeup off..
And i find it's not meant for my oily skin.. 
But if you like to use cleansing milks this one is a good option. 

Face washes are a must... if you don't want to spend a lot of money on dozens of products i suggest you a face wash and it does the job of removing everything..

Bioderma Sébium Gel moussant - Purifying cleaning foaming gel ~ 16€ 200ml 

This one is my favorite face wash at the moment, from Bioderma Sebium range adapted to oily skin types... It does wonders, and i mean noticible wonders to my skin. Since i use this product i find my skin much healthier and shinny not in the greasy way but the natural way..
It removes the makeup really well and it's in a gel form which i find really good to wash everything out! Makes my face feel mattyfied and clean.. i use it every morning and evening.. it lasts a really good time so it's an investiment that will conpensate over time.
Definitely my most used product at the moment..

Some of us prefer to use the new trend micellar waters...

Bioderma Sébium H2O  Purifying cleansing micelle solution ~15€ 250ml

The most known brand is Bioderma and curious as i am i had to pick some of their products to try out... my skin is sensitive but also very oily so i decided to go for the Sebium range rather than the Sensibo one.. It does absolute wonders! I tend to use it after cleaning my face with the face wash mentioned before also from the brand.. Its refreshing and makes my skin feel matt and balanced, as said it's a water based product so very runny.. but does wonders to my greasy skin and removes any left makeup (if there's any)  

Makeup Wipes Hot or Not?
The question that seems to have different answers everytime i put it out..

Skino Makeup Wipes Sensitive - 1,99€

 Here's my opinion about them.. Makeup wipes are good if they don't irritate your skin, but good to use on the days you're being lazy or running late... i don't advise you to use them on daily basis, i used to remove my makeup with these all the time but since i started using face washes i felt such difference..
Although this are made for sensitive skin using them like nobodys business can harm your skin, use them with moderation and it will be a great product to have ;)

As you can tell there's a lot of different ways to remove makeup and it's up to you to chose the best for your own needs! I hope this post helped you figuring out the many ways you can cleane your masterpieces!

Don't forget to take your makeup off before going to sleep! It's the most important step to make your skin healthier! 

Thanks for reading,

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