Catrice Glamour Doll Volume Mascara - review


Hello beauties,
Mascara is one of the most important things in a makeup collection, it makes eyes completely different.
It's like a best friend, when you're running late a pop of this potion and you're looking fabulous!
So one of my favorites is Catrice Glamour Doll:  

Catrice Glamour Doll Volume Mascara - 4.50€

The price is absolute bargain for the quality of this product!
Catrice has the most inexpensive makeup with amazing quality , also does limited collections which i find wonderful. 

This mascara does wonders to my lashes, and you'll see why:

(before/after 1 coat)

So as you can see this mascara is just amazing! It separates lashes really well and adds some lenght...
It should be a volume mascara but i personally don't find that it gives a lot of volume at all..  
Although the formula is amazing, it stays all day and doesn't smudge, it's like waterproof without being it.. 
It also makes eyes pop with only one coat but if you build it up you can get the desired volume and thickness..

Here's the wand, as you can see the bristles are very small and have small space between them, at the end they're like a triangular shape which is great for the little lashes close to the inner corner.
It gives that feeling of pushing the lashes and it applys really well the product.

 This mascara is my go to product I use it almost everyday . Catrice has also mascaras in the same collection 'Glamour Doll' with other effects and i'll try them as soon as i ran out of my huge mascara pile...  

If you can put your hands on this i definitely recommend it!

Thanks for reading,


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