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Good morning beauties!

Lipsticks have become an obsession for the past months, i never was a lipstick girl and i know exactly why.. I never found good lipsticks for a good price, never found the colours i wanted to try and so i ended up no using them at all..

Since last year the companies i usually buy makeup from launched some new lipsticks to their collections, better formulas that suits my taste and better colour range!

Pink is not definitely a colour that i enjoy in general but on lips i quite like it and you're already seeing that my pink lipsticks are not that bright..
I tend for discreete looks on the lips 'cause i want to give more attention to my eye makeup.

Some of these i wear more than others as it's usual when you have such ammount of makeup but i'll tell you which ones are my favorite and why ;)

1- Basic vanilla matt lip gloss - matt rose wood
2- NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors - 640 Fig
3- Essence Longlasting Lipstick - 07 Natural Beauty
4- Catrice Ultimate Colour - 130 Frozen Rose
5- Avon - mirage
6- ELF Lip Stain - Fashionista
7- Essence xxxl longlasting lipgloss matt effect - 05 velvet rose

To start off , only 2 bright lipsticks : Nyx and Elf one! That i don't wear that often, maybe on holidays and special events. Formulas both good although the nyx (2) one is a lipstick and the elf(6) one a lipstain. 

My most worn lipstick from all of these is definitely the Catrice (4) one, baby pink with amazing formulation and long durability..

I also tend for some mauvy colours such as the Avon (5) and the Essence (1/3/7) ones!
Essence (3) is a longlasting lipstick and the 2nd i wear the most, lovely shade for everyday look and formula also really good.

Other two from Essence (1/7) are matt lipglosses, the formula is not good let me tell you, the smell is awful and the durability almost nothing! Transfers like nobodys business so it's not an option for everyday, although the colours are beautiful!  

This is my pink lipstick collection and as you can see i have a lipstick for each day of the week ;)
If you want to know more about any of the products mentioned please tell me bellow.

Thanks for reading, 

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