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Hey sweethearts,
todays post is not about beauty, but i'm sure you'll find it usefull as long as you like the subject!

So here's what i've been watching for the past week:

 Rozen Maiden

 Rozen Maiden is an anime that i was curious about before but only last week had the courage to watch an episode, well i watched 3 ... It's different from the animes i'm used to, not so differect actually, but anyway, it's about dolls that persuade humans to be their slaves.. With that, the human transfers energy to the doll so it can face the enemies.. Its weird to tell the whole story since i only watched 3 episodes but it was what i've kept from it..
I've been liking it and i find the dolls so cute... If you like anime you should definitely check this out ;)

As you may know i read, not a lot because i'm quite peculiar with my readings but here's one confession... i read fanfics... about 1D. I'm not ashamed of that, i quite like the way some girls out there write stories about the boys.. It's not for the boys it's for the story itself..
So, i had such long time without reading fics, but last week found one that's really cool.

Here's the link:

As you can see for the title it's about Zayn Malik but of course all the boys appear.. I'm not going to tell the story so you have to read it but i assure you that it's really easy to read... You should definitely check it out!

So here's a little update and recommendations of what i'm watching and reading at the moment!
Hope you like it :)

Leave some suggestions bellow!

Thanks for reading,

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