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Hey sweethearts! I love reading tags and get to know people better, so decided to do this one and hopefully you'll get to know me better aswell,

1- Do you have a middle name?
Yes, Patricia 

2- What was your favorite subject at school?
History of Arts

3- What's your favorite drink?
Tea, without a doubt..

4- What's your favorite song at the moment?
I'm going for 1D - Through the Dark & Voltaire- The Man Upstairs 

5- What would you name your children?
I don't know.. maybe Kvothe (long story)   

6- Do you do any sports?
Baking cookies count?! 

7-What's your favorite book?
The Kingkiller by Patrick Rothfuss is a trilogy. Easy one!  

8-Favorite colour?

9-Favorite animal?
Penguins and Ducks !

10- Favorite perfume?
Atm Scarlett by Cacharel

11- Have you graduated high School? 
Yes,  last year in fact.

12-Have you ever been out of the country?
Spain - Salamanca and Sevilla

13-Do you speak any other languages?
My mother language is Portuguese so English is in fact the other language..

14- Do you have any siblings?

15- What's your favorite store?
Restyle for Clothes and Accessories and Kiko Makeup Milano for Makeup

16-Favorite restaraut?
Mira Freita - it's a portuguese restaurant near my house where the food is super delicious!

17-Did you like school?
Yes, i always liked school and still like it. 

18-Favorite youtubers?
BiohazardousBeauty, KlairedeLys, LetzMakeup, Nikkie Tutorials, ItsJuddyTime, Miss Chivieus(Julia Graff), Shaaanxo (and so many others)

19-Favorite movie?
Beetlejuice by Tim Burton and The Guardian by Andrew Davis (always makes me cry like a baby)

20- Favorite tv Show?
Drop Dead Diva, Downtown Abbey, Kuroshituji, Death Note, Vale Tudo (portuguese entertainment tvshow freaking love this one)  

21- Pc or Mac?
I have a Pc but somewhere in the future i'm going to buy a Mac.

22- What phone do you have?
Vodafone Smart mini in white

23-How tall are you?
5.3' i guess.. 1,64 m 

So here's the tag done, i hope you liked to know me a little better ;) 
And definitely check out the tv shows and the movies i've mentioned!

Thanks for reading, 

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