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Good evening lovelies,
I love creating makeup looks and everytime i find good deals on falsies i buy some to use them later on the looks.. 
I have a confession to make.. i'm not that good using these.. but i know with time and practice i'll improve my technique. 

So here's my collection:

Claire's Cosmetics - Glam Lashes - 5.95€
If these have a reference i can't find it anywhere on the packaging .. so the claire's ones say the same thing :/ 

As you can see these ones are fuller on the outside and more natural looking on the inside, i love them on more natural but glamorous looks! 

Claire's Cosmetics Individual Lashes - 5.95€

These are the only individual lashes that i own i find quite hard to apply them but i think it's because of the glue.. i have to get a decent one. 

Claire's Cosmetics - Glam Lashes - 5.95€ 

Crossed eyelashes are the most beautiful on the market, at least for more natural looks 
I have to use this more often :)

Claire's Cosmetics - Glam Lashes - 7.95€ 

Glamorous, feather looking eyelashes.. Dramatic and unusual looks
Yet beautiful and glamorous at the same time
Lovely shape, smooth and full

Oriflame Eyelashes Dramatic - ~5€
These are the ones i wear the most on my looks
they look a bit dirty, ooops
i find them not as dramatic as they claim to be, i like them to give some fullness and lenght to my natural lashes 

Essence eyelashes - ~3€

These are not in a good condition.. my first eyelashes and they're so dramatic, I used them some times on my past looks but never left the house wearing these... they're too much
The quality is not the best but for the price they're good and the glue is preety decent as well 

Eyelure Naturalites - 9.95€

Never tried these ones.. so beautiful, so perfect and not cheap at all.. i guess i'm keeping them for a special ocasion or at least when i gain more practice ..
They felt so smooth i could compare them to real eyelashes..
Definitely a must!  

Heres the new sisters of my collection, this came in the Secret Bag subscription of February.
Eldora Lashes H153 - 5,95€ 
 Looks really pretty and funny to wear!

So this is my False Eyelashes collection , i have quite a few for a person that doesn't wear this too much on daily basis but in my defense i always by them at sales time and some of them i bought for 1€ so... bargain!

I hope you liked this post and thanks for reading ,

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