Trash Talk #1


Hello lovelies,  
The month has begun and with that i made some clean up in my makeup collection...

I'm not here to tell you that this products are trash, they probably suits lots of people tastes but not mine and i'm here sharing with you the ones i don't find useful in my routine and i know i won't use them.

Let's start with lips!

I'm trowing away 2 lipsticks and 1 lipgloss...

Nyx is a raved brand all over the beauty world and i agree it's a good brand but i had such bad luck with this particular lipstick.. The time i bought this one i also picked another and the other is in perfect conditions and i love it.. but this one is not good, it just melted and left fragments of lipstick in my mouth.. it was not opaque and was too creamy.. not confortable to use at all...

KikoMakeup Milano is one of my favorite brands and this lipstick was the first one i bought... yeah it's old and that's why i'm going to leave it.. It looks ok in the picture but i assure you it was with such bad aspect when i last checked it in my collection.. 
Since it's expiration date has come i don't find any other option unless send it to garbage..

Claire's not a brand of cosmetics but it has one range of various products so i was excited to try some of them... i have to admit i'm not a huge wearer of lipgloss.. i don't like it much but i also know when a lipgloss is ok to wear .. this one is sticky and the scent annoys me.. not for me.

Eyeliners are the things i'm trowing away and for different reasons...

The blue eyeliner you see there is not pigmented and doesn't last.. won't keep something that doesn't work ..

The black pen is an eyeliner from Essence and i just can't handle it.. yes it's waterproof and in a bad way.. you take your makeup off but you still keep the eyeliner traces.. it doesn't get off not even with a biphasic makeup remover.. it's just a no product.

MUA is known by selling low price products.. it's my third mua product going to trash and that means i didn't like anything i had from them.. i used to have a palette but it gained mold... how can that be possible?! i didn't have it for a long time at all.. and i cleaned it once but it returned.. so i send it to the garbage.. now this eyeliner..  i loved the colour.. it's juts the formula.. as the essence one it also leaves traces and it's not opaque i have to use it 2 or 3 times to have the true colour..
It's not a good formula at all.. not to talk about the wand..

The black round pack you see on the left side is also an eyeliner.. by oriflame.. and this one is not going to trash, i'm going to give it away to someone else.. the product is great, it's a bright blue with silver sparkle and the formula is also good but i don't find myself using it anymore.. i used it only 2..

The cute little gadget you see in the middle is actually an eyelash curler.. does it sound weird ?! i used it for some time but nops.. it does nothing to my lashes and the material is cheap plastic..
The only good thing about it is the print and the colour! so gorgeous!

The trash talk has not finished yet so don't forget to come back tomorrow to see what is going to trash next.. Is going to be face products! ;)

Which products you don't recomend at all ?!

Thanks for reading,

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