Black & White Quick Look


Good Morning beauties!

Sometimes i ran out of time and i don't want to go out with nothing or with such boring black eyeliner (i'm kidding i don't find black eyeliner boring)
What i'm trying to say is that sometimes i want something different that makes my makeup pop and look different.

In order to create a quick yet different and noticible look i used 2 products:

Inglot Eyeliner in 76 - White
Essence I Heart Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara

I draw a winged medium thick line, since the colour is white it pops out there's no need to extend or thicken more than this.
To complete the look used a volume mascara that made my eyelashes look long and full, which contrasted with the white liner!

Such simple yet different look. i also tend to use other colours like blue and purples to create the same exact look!
So here's the tip for when you're running late yet want to look different and colourfull!

Thanks for reading,

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