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Good evening sweethearts, how you're doing?
Last week i did a post where i showed you my black eyeliners so i decided to show you my colored ones.. i have a few in total 14.. 
Now a days i'm not a huge wearer of them because my school doesn't allow me but on weekends and holidays i always try to use them as much as possible . 

Here's the pencil ones:

I have 9 in total some from Kiko other from Avon and Catrice, cheap but good brands.
My favorite ones are from Kiko as you can see i have 6 from them, they're like butter, feel great and lasts all day on the lid..
The texture is similar in all of these, buttery, some are a bit harsh but not too much.. in general are good eyeliners, with bright beautiful colours.    

1. Kiko Makeup Milano Glamorous Eye Pencil in 404 - ~4€ 
2. Kiko Makeup Milano Smart Eye Pencil in 807 - 2,50€
3. Catrice Kohl Kajal in 090 Would You Mint? - ~3€
4. Kiko Makeup Milano Kajal Khol Pencil in 104 - 4€
5. Kiko Makeup Milano Smart Eye Pencil in 813 - 2.50€
6. Catrice Made to Stay Inside eye Highlighter Pen in 010 In The Mood For Nude - 3.75€
7. Kiko Makeup Milano Smart Eye Pencil in 816 - 2,50€
8. Avon Colortrend eyeliner in whito - ~3€
9. Kiko Makeup Milano Smoky eye pencil in 02 - ~5€

I have some liquid liners in bright colours too, different textures and longevity .. and also in price.

The Essence one is sheer with silver sparkle, it's a bit liquidy and it's not my favorite to use.. although it makes my eyes pop everytime i use it.
The Kiko is thick and opaque, a bit hard to apply it doesn't glides on easily but it lasts all day and it's hard to remove with a regular remover, a biphasic is the most appropriated;
Speaking of biphasic makeup removers the Gosh one even with that is hard to remove... that's i call a longlasting eyeliner.. it really lasts! doesn't smudge doesn't crack.. it's perfect for an entire day look.
Catrice is one of my favorite brands and some months ago i bought this in sales.. a gold eyeliner .. a bit sheer but it does the job..
Karaja is a 2 in 1 product, eyeliner and mascara .. both great and opaque.

1. Essence Crystal eyeliner in 01 Twinkly Starlight - ~3€
2. Kiko Makeup Milano Definition Waterproof Eyeliner in 06 - ~6€
3. Gosh Extreme Art Eye Liner in 10 - 10€
4. Catrice Liquid Liner in 030 I Am Golden Sandy - ~5€
5. Karaja Look At Me in 1 - ~ 17€

 So i hope this post is helpful at least on giving you some ideas for more colourful looks, if you want any review in depth of any of the products mentioned please tell me bellow.

Do you use any colourfull eyeliners on your looks?! Do you recomend any brand or product? Please tell me in the comments bellow :)

Thanks for reading,

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