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Good evening sweethearts!

I know, another purple eyelook.. seems to be my go to colourful eyeshadow look but i have so many different shades of purple..
I created this look to go to school last Saturday. I'm going to school the next couple of weekends since we're having an event till April.

Since i liked what i ended up with i decided to share it with you ;) hope you like it as much as i do.

As a base i'm using NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk
I'm using Kiko Makeup Milano Mat Wisteria - 252 all over the lid, which is a soft pastel lilac colour 
On the crease i used Kiko Makeup Milano eyeshadow in 158 a vibrant purple and blended it upwards
On the outtar part of the lid i used Essence pigment in 'Alice Had a Vision - Breaking Bad part2' - it's a really dark purple colour with silver sparkle
  On the waterline i opted to use my Catrice Made to Stay Inside Eye Highlighter Pen in 010 In The Mood for Nude.

(this picture was taken without the falsies but the one above is with lashes)

On my eyebrows i'm using Catrice Eyebrow Styliste in Date with Ash-ton.

I decided to do a thin double line with my Essence Waterproof eyeliner.
The Mascara is my raved Glamour Doll by Catrice.
Also applyed the Eldora Lashes that i love! for the first time i applied some lashes without difficulties at all, i think that's because of its band!

So here's the final look, i think purple always suits brown eyes.. 

Which colours do you want me to use in future looks?! Tell me bellow :)

Thanks for reading,


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