Trash Talk #2


Hello sweethearts,

Yesterdays post was about products i'm going to get rid off and as promised here's the second part.. All about the face products i don't like or don't find a use to..

Lets start with a face mask:

Oriflame pure nature organic Jasmine extract exfoliating peel-off mask 
(such long name)

This was one of the first face masks i bought so i have it in my drawer for the longest time..
As it says on the packaging it's a peel-off mask, it's transperant and the smell is fresh, the texture is like a gel and feels great on the skin.
When it dries you peel-off the 'skin' thing above your face and voila... in my case... nothing happens.
Yes it did nothing to my skin.. nothing at all..
That's a fair reason to trow it away i guess.. and for the time i have it i can't give away it propably does more harm than good.. 

Recently i did a Concealer Collection where i talked about this 2 products, the Oriflame one was my first concealer (it seems that my first makeup is all from oriflame) and the shade doesn't matches my skin.. it's not good for my under eyes so i tried it and probably used it 2 or 3 times.
By this time the expiration date has also came and so that it's not good for anyone..
Garbage here it comes!

Essence Coverstick is good, it's heavy but it covers .. it's a bit dry but you can mask that with your foundation.. it's just too old.. and i don't find myself using it anymore..
It's almost gone but i won't finish it i can't wear it anymore it makes my skin look flacky.. not good to picture it..

Lastly on my trash talk i have 2 powders and one face primer..

Catrice Prime and Fine primer does nothing for me, it doesn't make my foundation last longer and it doesn't cover my pores.. it's just useless and by now also too old to be used..

Oriflame very me powder, one more time, was my first face powder and a total disappointment when i discovered other powders.. this one doesn't cover and doesn't mattyfies the skin.. it does nothing at all it's just a layer of useless product on my face .. i used it for a good time until i discovered my Catrice All Matt Plus.. 

Essence Sun club bronzer is orange colour masked as a brown shade... don't like it, actually i hate this powder.. it leaves my face orange, it has a smell that i don't like, it's too messy and it doesn't blend easily.. 
Maybe its a favorite of someone else out there but i assure you Catrice bronzer is a million years better than this one..  shame on essence! :(

The trash talk came to an end, i hope you enjoyed reading it and found it useful ;)  

Thanks for reading,


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