Make your own rules!


Starting with what matters the most, you can choose your own path! 
Talking personally, I decided not to go to University but we'll talk about it later. But here's some steps I followed before making the definite decision:

Keep in mind:

  1. What do you want to do;
  2. University is the only way to achieve your goals?!;
  3. Which alternatives do you have?!;
  4. Pros & Cons of both worlds;
  5. University is not a rule, is not obligatory, you can decline at any moment if you don't feel that's the right thing to you;
  6. This is a moment to take for yourself, forget your friend's decision, your parent's opinion. Its your future you chose it!
I know it's not easy to let down your parents if you don't want to go to Uni or to ask them to go when they don't have the chance to give you that, but always remember University is for everyone, at every stage of their lives.
Don't feel pressured to make a decision, it's your future and the most important thing about it is YOU.  

Thanks for reading,

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