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On one of my recent trips to Kiko I went all nuts over their eye products, as per usual! I definitely wanted to haul them at some point and even thou the shade range is rather interesting I found the shades I selected are quite transitional for in between seasons. 

The Smart Colour Eyeshadows (2.50£) are like the budget range from Kiko, the product quality is there but they cut out on the luxury of the packaging which doesn't bother me at all, it still feels sturdy enough and what matters is the inside! I added 4 different shades to my collection beginning with a shimmery berry pink and ending on a lime green - they're all shimmery and have good pigmentation, I would either use my finger or a damp brush to apply them to intensify the pigment. 
From left to right according to image:
16 Metallic Orchid Violet
02 Pearly Champagne
26 Pearly Lime Green
09 Metallic Moon Stone 
Their Long Lasting Sticks (5,90£) are really popular due to it's longevity and low price! The shade selection is also pretty good but I suppose I was hypnotised by greens on this specific day and went for this vibrant shade (40)! They stay all day on my lids without budging and give amazing primers for powder shadows! 
Lastly my attention was caught by this metallic goodness - Metallic Lip and Eyeliner in 03 Copper Addict (5.90£) - since I don't own anything quite like it! The creaminess is out of this world and the pigmentation is extremely high with only one swipe! I can't wait to incorporate it into warmer looks this Fall! 

Have you tried any of these from Kiko? Let me know your favourite shades of each range! 

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