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One of the most recent additions to my collection is the ever so popular Huda Beauty Rose Gold Edition Eyeshadow Palette (56£) that, unfortunately, seems soon to be discontinued. 
Before it's gone forever I wanted to share my thoughts on it, in case you're still unsure of its worth.

First off I want to say the colour selections is lovely, not too different from what we've seen already, the same likes of Modern Renaissance by ABH to be more precise, but it still has its own uniqueness nonetheless.
The shades I'm most impressed with are the shimmery ones, super pigmented and creamy, feeling similar to Makeup Geek Foiled shadows. They apply the same way, with fingers or a wet brush, but I wouldn't definitely use a dry brush with them as it won't grab or deposit well on the skin. I also always recommend using an eyeshadow primer beforehand to help them stick better.

The matte shades, however, have not impressed me that much. Don't take me wrong, pigmentation is there but they feel dry. I'm more of the likes of softer eyeshadows, that yes provide me with fallout but blend easily at the same time. I struggled slightly to blend these if I'm honest, so I definitely do not recommend it to a beginner in eyeshadow! The pigment stays true to itself which is good, and even thou it starts blending patchy, with a bit of effort things can be fixed. 
For reference, ABH Subculture Palette (which I reviewed here) has much softer formula which caused many people to struggle using it, however I really enjoyed it and find it easier to blend. Perhaps is my technique. 

As you can see from the swatches the shade range is pretty nice and everything goes well together. I totally see myself using this palette for traveling as I find the only thing missing is a creamy white matte shade to match my pale skin and highlight the brow bone. 

Do I recommend it?! If you're comfortable blending with drier mattes and work well with super creamy foiled shadows, yes go for it! You're gonna love it! If you're just starting out I feel like you would struggle, so there's better options for you out there - once again Modern Renaissance is a really well loved palette and I would say Makeup Geek for sure has similar single pan shades to the ones here and their formula is spot on! 

I'm super excited to try the follow up to this palette - Desert Dusk - the shade range is superb and I'm sure the quality will be consistent throughout!

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