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On a very boring Saturday I decided to visit Westfield and see what's new in Kiko and couldn't believe on how much I've been missing out lately!
The most recent limited edition is inspired by Asian culture and in collaboration with the brand Isa Arfen to celebrate Kiko's 20th anniversary!

The collection has a selection of eye and lip products and I decided to bring 3 of the ones that caught my attention the most. 
Even thou there's a black lipstick in this collection I have a fair amount of those already but I've never found the perfect red for myself... Plushy Red (7,90£) appealed to me more than any other and its interesting packaging and concept made me want it even more. The formula is super liquid but dries out pretty fast. I haven't tried it on my lips yet but on my arm the swatch was a pain to remove. 
To go with it I had to grab the matching lip liner (5,90£), one thing I know I don't own is a true red liner so it seemed to be the perfect occasion to add one to my collection, besides that the packaging is to die for! I LOVE the pointy end! The specific shade goes by the same name of the lipstick.

On the same note they offered a selection of 3 different eyeliners and even thou I wear nude or black all the time I decided to go for something different to any other I already own. Oriental Bordeaux (5,90£) is an aubergine ultra pigmented creamy shade! I'm extremely excited to see how it holds on the eyes! 

I'm sure these won't disappoint so perhaps they'll make another appearance in an upcoming favourites post! Let me know if you've tried anything from this collection or if you're interested in trying! 

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