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This week's instalment of Flash Reviews honours the newly launched Nars Velvet Matte Foundation Stick, a new addition that comes to complete their base collection!

Upon my first application I was disappointed to see how sheer it actually goes, as I always expect stick/creamy foundations to give me instant flawless skin! However, Nars never promised a full coverage complexion so I shouldn't have settled my hopes high! 
The concept behind this foundation is more of a touch up on the go base rather than your first choice in the morning however it definitely can be used as your main covering product. 

I've used two different primers underneath this foundation - Make Up For Ever Smoothing on the nose for the pores and Hydrating on the rest of my face to avoid any dry patches - and the results were rather interesting. 
I blended half with my fingers and half with a brush, noticed the fingers work best in this kind of texture. No redness has been covered with one layer or two so this is how sheer it actually is... Even thou it claims to be a matte foundation I noticed it looks rather radiant in a natural and beautiful way but it certainly diminishes as the day goes by.

After 6 hours of wear I noticed my jaw line was showing through so nothing was left there and as per my cheeks they seemed to have accumulated the foundation as if it shrank in a really weird YET not ugly or noticeable way. My coworker didn't notice anything wrong while looking up close so it mustn't have been as bad as I pictured it! On my forehead it stayed intact for about 10 hours which is rather impressive however it didn't last on my nose for even 2 hours!
There's where the touch up part comes in handy - it is really good on layering over powdered surfaces, blending really well with the remain of what's been on the face for the past hours without looking weird which is a plus!
The fact it shrank on my cheeks is possibly due to dehydration that I've been suffering lately so take my words with a grain of salt. Go to a store and try it for yourself you may fall in love with it! 

They come in 20 shades and retail for 30£, the size is quite small but so are most of stick foundations on the market! The blending sponge on the end is removable for wash and can be purchased separately for 5£ when you need a replacement! The hand bag size is super handy for on the go and I'm sure it would give the perfect pick me up for when you have plans after work! Overall I'm glad I tried it but with one use only it didn't impress me much, will keep on using and see how it performs on the long run! 

Let me know if you've tried this already and your thoughts on the formula! 

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