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Nars is on fire and keeps hitting us with more and more exciting new launches! Part of the season collection and added to their permanent line the Powermatte Lip Pigments (23£) came to shake the liquid lipstick world. 
If you are familiar with Nars they launched their Velvet Lip Glides last year which are liquid lipsticks that don't dry matte but stay for a long time on the lips. This season's bet is on the traditional matte liquid lipstick but with the comfort added to it.

For reference the shade above is "Save The Queen" and is the one I tested out - a dark mauve pink.

Upon my first use I noticed the super liquid formula actually helps on the ease of application! The pigment is out of this world, one swipe and your natural lip shade is nowhere to be seen! The wand is quite stiff which is not my favourite however I noticed it helps create a sharper line around the edges, so I suppose they picked this material for that reason. 
The formula dries almost instantly which is a must for me since I always need to run out of the house and don't want lipstick smudging all over my face! Even thou the formula dries down is not completely transfer proof, it will transfer to the back of your hand upon a kiss or the napkin once you had a meal. 
The wear test showed me that after 7 hours and two meals it started fading in the centre and around the edges, which is natural. Upon reapplication I noticed the ease of a second or third layer, it doesn't clump up or looks dry, no matter how many layers I did it was always looking like a first application and feeling as comfortable.

I'm extremely excited for this new formula and can't wait to try more from the range. I will be getting some darker shades and hopefully report back on how they perform. Let me know if you've tried any of these yet! 

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