6 Mini Lipsticks - Would I Purchase The Full Size?!


Mini make-up is like a toy for a grown up beauty obsessed like me! I definitely enjoy me mini lipsticks, powders, mascaras, and the list goes on! I find it is the best way to try more things without the commitment of going full size straight away, saving us money but also space! And if you own more make-up than you can use in a lifetime these are great, as you will most likely use them before they expire!

My first focus goes to the Marc Jacobs Le Marc in 246 Slow Burn, my most recent addition and the one I would purchase the full size in a heart beat! The formula is beyond anything I've tried, and trust me I'm not one to go for the hype on lipsticks! It is creamy but super opaque, glides on so easily on the lips and feels so comfortable staying put for all day long requiring minimum retouch after having a meal! The shade is a mauve pink, one of my favourites to wear. 

Kat Von D is hands down one of my favourite make-up brands and I'm so glad they now sell in the UK! I've had the chance to try their liquid lipsticks and I was floored by how amazing the formula is but the Studded Kiss ones don't fall behind! I own them in the shades Lolita and Love Craft two nudes, the first being more peachy and the second more dusty pink inclined. Formula is similar to Marc Jacobs however a bit more matte and drying but still comfortable and long wearing on the lips! I will definitely be trying some of the other shades in this formula but I'm not 100% sure if I would go back to the shades I currently own even thou I love them both equally!

Nars launched the Velvet Lip Glides last year and even thou they're marketed as liquid lipsticks they're not your ordinary drying matte formula! These feel somehow soft and cushiony on the lips, almost like velvet, as the name suggests. They don't stay for more than a few hours and never dry down completely but I still enjoy the formula! The shade I own is Bound, once again a nude pink that is perfect for everyday wear! I probably won't be trying more from the line but I definitely enjoy using it.

Hourglass and their Girl Lipsticks were all over the internet a few months ago! I received this as a sample when working with Hourglass in store and even thou I honestly thought I would not like the formula a bit, I find myself wearing it daily! It just looks so natural, fresh and makes my lips look fuller! The shade is Peacemaker and goes beautifully with any eye look I'm wearing! It doesn't last that long on the lips which is natural since its formula is nourishing, but it's so easy to reapply that I don't even consider that as a negative thing. I'm considering repurchasing once I finish with this particular one however I'm not dying to try more from this particular line. I love me some matte lipstick more! 

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks are superb! I own two other different shades and I'm always so impressed with how the formula holds up! I would say it's a mix of Marc Jacobs comfort, easy application and pay off with Kat Von D's matte long lasting effect! Backtalk is the shade portrayed and even tho a girl can only have so many mauve pink lipsticks to use in a lifetime I would go and buy it once this finishes! It is definitely one of those formulas and shades that I would never stop enjoying!

Do you have any shade recommendations for the lipsticks mentioned? Let me know in the comments!

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