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A couple months ago L'oreal launched their version of liquid eyeshadows - the Infallible Eye Paints (5,99£)! To my surprise the shade selection is quite daring but I went for 4 shades that were catching my eye the most! 

From left to right - 
207 Sassy Squad
301 Infinite Purple
205 Cocky Bisque
101 Eternal White
I've used Sassy Squad and Eternal White one time each in different ways! The darkest I used as eyeshadow based blended all over the lid and crease and noticed it not only intensified the powder eyeshadows I putted on top but also helped on the longevity of the eye look without creasing or fading! 
As per the lightest I've used all over the lid as my main shade and it stayed intense and crease free, once again, all day long. They're really easy to use and blend almost like powders do - effortlessly! The fact they can act as shadow bases and help prolong longevity is a brilliant bonus and I'm for sure gonna be grabbing some more shades! 
You can also use these as eyeliners, mascaras and lipsticks if you wish! Liquid products have so many different uses! 

I'm really happy with how these performed so far and surely recommend you giving them a swatch in store and pick one shade to try! 

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