Seasonal Blushed Cheeks


Blush has taken all over my routine!! How unexpected! I've never been a girl of blush-y cheeks I just thought it wouldn't make a whole lot of a GOOD difference! But well, it does and this happened!
I'm more of a mauve or berry blush kinda gal, bright pinks don't do much for me and even thou the natural shades are also a favourite these are my picks for the season!
Starting with a variety of brands I must say they're all drugstore  - ieiiiii - which makes my life easier and my wallet happier! The quality of each one of these is superb and not going too far into how each of these perform let me just say I use them all and love them all!
If you're on a hunt for a matte blush I suggest giving Kiko a try as their Soft Touch Blush in 112 Light Plum is to die for, a favourite for sure! Next to the game we've got the Essence Matt Touch Blush in 20 Berry Me Up! that looks a bit more on the reddish side but still gives those winter-y cheeks! Max Factor has this beautiful Creme Puff Blush in 30 Gorgeous Berries that needs a light hand with it! From Catrice we get a variety of shades and finishes! On berry tones we have the Catrice Illuminating Blush in 030 Kiss Me Ken and the Defining Blush in 110 Legend-berry with bits of shimmering particles! Keeping up with the shimmer light we also find one of the limited editions blush called  Lumination - 101 Flushed-Fiction, a mauve pink with golds in it - superb! Finally from Catrice we have the Multi Matt Blush in 020 La-Lavander with 4 different strip shades that combined give the most beautiful cheeks for a day to day look!
Lastly we have the most daring blush of them all - Sleek in Pomegranate - a reddish toned with sparkles in it that give the perfect red cheeks for this winter! I've been loving pairing it with vampy red lipsticks I think they do such great combination to any look! 

Tell me all about your favourite blushes of the moment!

Thanks for reading, 

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