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As surprising as it may sounds I am not the biggest fan of Mac products, I usually don't find anything too different from what I can get anywhere else worth my money! But for quite some time I wanted to own the Soft Ocre paint pot and see how good it is! Well, I'm not regretting it at all! 

Soft Ocre is a beige eyeshadow base that covers up all the redness or veins I have showing up on my lids, makes my eyeshadow pop and last longer! I've used it only a couple of times but I can see myself using it everyday since then! It is creamy and pigmented, it also sets on its own and makes a difference to my looks!  
Since I was at a Duty Free store I decided to give Mac another chance and went for one of their Mineralize Skin Finishes in Lightscapade! Well, it's not my favourite! I picked up over Soft & Gentle as I own so many shades in that range of colour but now I kinda regret the choice! 
Lightscapade is as the name suggests, very light and doesn't show up as much as I liked to in my skin tone! It's not a bad product but I'm used to that Mary Lou-Manizer glow! I like it stronger than what this gives me but I've tried it as an all over powder lightly and gave me a soft glow! If I layer it on top of a liquid highlight it will set it and intensify and I find in that way it compliments my look nicely! I can see this being one of those great highlighters for the super pale girls out there which I've seen some rave a lot about this product! 
I was also on a hunt for Instigator lipstick but unfortunately they were sold out at that day, well I can always get it in store if I fancy it that much!

The best thing about this haul was the prices, I payed around 13£ for the Paint Pot and 20£ for the Highlighter which is not bad at all considering the outside prices! 
Did this haul make me an avid fan of Mac? Not really, but I'm little bit more interested on their offers!

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