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450 | 12 | 43 | 341 | 344
452 | 606 | 433 | 08 | 336
Phew... finally! It took me more than a year, 2 different countries and a lot of made choices to fill in this palette, but it is now complete so what a better time to show you all my Inglot eyeshadows! 
Inglot is one of those brands I love but have not much hold of near me so it's not very frequent that I buy from them, as online shopping puts me off sometimes!

It all started in Lisbon that's way too far from my hometown and I picked up the palette and 3 eyeshadows - 341 | 344 & 336 | that are a all matte and a bit random! I knew I wanted neutrals but also a colour to see how they perform. I was in love and even thou I didn't use them all together much I always found myself pulling that taupe shade a lot with other eyeshadows on a daily basis!
Next trip was already in the Uk and I brought home 4 similar shades inspired by autumn, if you will! Being them the 450 | 12 | 452 & 606 , all shimmery, burgundies, a copper and gold! I couldn't make my mind in just 1 so I grabbed all of these!
More recently I picked up the shades 43 | 433 & 8, in different trips to the Westfield shopping centre, and it is finally done! I have to say I love pairing that green with the copper shade they look stunning together and I already made a look showing them before (here)! 
336 | 08 | 433 | 606 | 452 | 344 | 341 | 43 | 12 | 450
On an overall review Inglot shadows retail for 5£ each which is very affordable considering they're a good size, customisable and travel friendly! They are a bit powdery but nothing major that I can't sort out, the texture is soft thou and the pigmentation speaks for itself above! 
I find the matte shades tend to be a bit more chalky compared to the shimmery ones, nonetheless they are great quality and perform amazingly on the lids, dry or even wet! I love pairing them with Duraline and create stand out eyeliner looks or intensify the shades! 
This palette may seem a bit odd on the colour choice but if you think well at any times I can buy other palette and categorize the shades so you're not committed to a certain way, a certain kind of shades or have that one colour you would never wear! 
The only thing I don't like about the packaging, that is also a good thing, is how the shadows are stuck into it, it is really hard to take them out! Only a needle helps and be careful to not stab it into your shadows, I've done it a lot! On the labelling side at first I painted the numbers at the front with white ink but then got bored and got some proper labels, glued them on the back and wrote the numbers, the good thing about those is that whenever I fancy to add other shades or switch up I can always glue another label on top. 

At the end of the day I have to force myself to not use Inglot shadows every time I put makeup on so you see the love is real here! They perform amazingly, the choice of colour and finishes is pretty much a problem as you'll take forever to make up your mind! The selection is endless (almost) and Inglot as overall brand have amazing quality for the price! Next up will be blushes and lipsticks! 
It is just a shame they only have 2 stores in Portugal in the same area (lack of creativity really) and only a few across the UK whereas the nearest one to me is still a good long trip! 

Have you tried Inglot eyeshadows? Which ones are your favourites?

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