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Sanctuary Spa Foaming Micellar Cleasing Water - 8£ - 200ml

Sanctuary Spa is not new to the blogging world at least I've read countless posts about their Thermal Detox Mask, that I own and love! So you must already have an idea of how it works!
In a recent trip to Boots I spotted an overall difference... a new design and new products! Being it an affordable skincare brand it was even better when I saw the discounts so I had to pick up two of the products that were standing out the most! One of them being a Hot Cloth Cleanser and the other a Foaming Micellar Water that I am reviewing today!

The Cleanse - Foaming Micellar Cleansing Water is suitable for all skin types and comes in a clear bottle with a pump that generates the foam texture to it! It promises to be "highly effective yet soothe on the skin, dissolving makeup & impurities in seconds" which are big claims! I must say this is my favourite Micellar water out there! I've tried Bioderma, L'oreal, Simple, Garnier but this is it for me! The foaming texture gives a little bit of fun to the cleaning job that I must say is pain for me to held onto and it provides a secure amount of product in your cotton pad, with this you're most likely to get the enough amount you need without soaking too much or dispensing too little, or even spilling everything all over (as it already happened to me). 
The foam stays like Foam till the moment you either rub your cotton pad together or press it on the face, it will react and if you've seen vinegar and baking soda together it is the same thing! It feels fresh on the skin and doesn't dry out at all, removing every trace of makeup I have! I purely go over with a hot cloth cleanser just to ensure my pores get deeply clean but you won't notice much coming out from the surface as this is that effective!
I've been using it day and night and honestly I need to take it out of my sight to push me to use other micellar waters I still own. Once they're gone I don't see myself going back as this does what I need with a different yet good performance on my skin! 
I must say thou that for the eyes I always prefer to go first with an oil based makeup remover so this must not be enough to take out colourful shadows or waterproof eyeliner! I also won't use it in foam form directly on my lids, I firstly press 2 cotton pads together to break down the reaction and then use it so the chances of getting it inside my eyes is minimal!

It is a fairly new product to boots as far as I know but I definitely recommend you trying it and see by yourself how it works for you! 

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