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One thing I know, there shouldn't exist a back up box... but it does! As surprising as it sounds it may only contain 1 or 2 back ups of products I'm using up and love, the rest is all different but still they will back up a finished mascara or concealer!
Today I decided to bring here what I have in my back up box and what you can expect for future reviews! I don't like to have too many of the same products open but when I get the chance to have a new mascara at a good deal why not? If it's not open it won't expire right?! If that's not a good excuse I can't see what it is so let's get into it!

In the face department I have my favourite pressed powder that belongs to Catrice - Prime and Fine Mattifying Waterproof Powder - and I got this since I heard they were about to discontinue it, which I still hope is not true! Next I have the only foundation I've ever repurchased in my life which means something, it is the Kiko Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation, this stuff is superb and it was on sale for 3,90€!!
I've been a bit obsessed with concealers lately and since I've hard amazing things from all of these I decided to get them, but still haven't tried as I'm using 2 or 3 different ones at the moment! It starts with NYX HD Concealer | Seventeen Stay Time Concealer | Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer | L'oreal Lumi Magique Concealer. Phew, it is a loooot of concealer here!! 

The other thing I get a lot is mascaras... the Catrice ones have always been favourites so I got the Glamour Doll and the Jet Lash ones when I was in Portugal! That Elizabeth Arden was on TK Maxx for really good price and why not!! All the other ones have been so raved about on the beauty community that I really wanted to try them - Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara (this is the waterproof version), L'oreal False Lash Flutter, Too Faced Better Than Sex (sample size) and the new Rimmel Supercurler mascara! I can't wait to try all of these to be honest but I still have at least 5 on the use now and don't want to waste any product!! I love mascaras, can you tell?! 

So this sums up my back up box that I hope will not get bigger than this as I don't really like to keep products there without using them... but also don't want to open a whole lot of mascaras at the same time and waste! We'll see how it goes!! 

Do you have a back up box? What do you store in there?

Thanks for reading,

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