The 2 Sides Of A Face


After 2 years I've been thinking about making an introduction to the blog, a little bit more about myself and what I intend with this space. It's been a while now and probably sounds unappropriated time to do this but I feel like it will give you another perspective and keep you a little bit closer to me.
The two sides of a face, is how I named this post, for some reasons, one being my love for makeup and the different ways I use it personally.
It is no new that I want to be better each day, build something out of this passion, become a makeup artist if you will. I want not to leave my mark in the world but become better at what I enjoy doing each day, for me, for my descendants. If my fight for these dreams mean something to me they sure will pass something to whoever knows about them. Even so, this is not all about it.

In this side of my face you see a normal girl, with an autumn inspired makeup for a day time wear, something most of the people would go for this season. A berry shade lipstick, a cream colour lid and a burgundy on the crease, a somehow discreet wing liner and mascara on! This is who I am, in a way. A normal girl, who loves to follow trends and create simple looks, a girl who tries hard to have her eyebrows on fleek everyday and contains herself on the highlight to not look like a disco ball, even thou I wanted to.
This side of me shows a girl who knows the basics of makeup, who likes to be around makeup and uses it for one purpose only... to fulfil a passion for doing makeup.

The other side of my face shows a girl who dares to wear something else, who breaks the inexistent rules of makeup. A girl who loves playing with colour, combinations, wear a product design to the eyes on her eyebrows, a girl who wants to be better at doing this makeup game, be more creative each day... get inspired!
Also, a girl who loves the dark bold eye with the dark bold lip, the monochrome, the light and shadow, the natural but also the fiction, what is not meant to be beautiful... what is feared by some!
Daring is how I like to describe this look, I would wear ir for work if I was a makeup artist or at least not a pastry chef. I would go out looking like this, I would go out looking like something even more unappropriated in the general beauty standards. It is not about a dark lip with a natural eye or a smoky eye with a nude lip. It's not about rules. It is about passion. This look shows in a way that not too try to look my best makes me feel alive, makes me love this makeup thing even more!

This is the two sides of my face blended together, representing who I am. A daring makeup lover or a normal girl who walks past you on a Boots store. 
A girl who watches every Face Off episode to inhale every single tip she cans, or simply read other blogs who don't dare as much but still get the content on the right spot.
I am this, Mary Bloomy is this. A version of myself as a makeup lover, someone who wants to be better, to learn more and go far! 
Why am I not doing a makeup course is a question I will answer very shortly... It is not a choice for me to do something just for the sake of doing it. I'm not trying to say I'm amazing at makeup, that I don't need a course... because in my all honesty I do need a course, I want something else. It is just from my personal perspective that I need the right time for the best opportunity to take the most out of it.

I love many things in life, but this space has to be on the top... I give my spare hours for this, I spend my days off doing makeup, practicing, I try to follow the greatest artists out there and learn, learn, learn. I come to this page and share what I know, what I'm capable of doing, what I expect from products or in a way what they do for me.
Will I ever work with makeup for a living? I don't know, but if I do, I will enjoy every second of it.

So this is it, Mary Bloomy, a representation of two worlds filled with makeup love.

As a side note, I do makeup because I love doing it, it is not with any other intention and I don't judge anybody's intentions when doing makeup. I love the time I spend, the art of it and I believe that anyone can do makeup and still feel good about their appearance, because if you think deeply makeup is not just a way of "covering" your face but bring it to a different level of artistry! 

Thanks for reading, supporting and caring,

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