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Liquid light, glow from within, radiant complexion, it all sounds like 3 products I own! From Seventeen to Benefit most of the brands have now one liquid highlighter or a similar product with a different name! The thing is, the liquid and cream formulas are getting more and more popular and if we want a break from the so powdery pans we can rely on these products!

Starting with the first one I got I must say, I was very impressed! Seventeen is a brand I haven't tried much from maybe this was the first thing? I can't even tell! It's not that it's a bad brand I just didn't pay much attention to it before!
On a Boots deal I decided to give this brand a try so I put my hands on their Skin Wow 3 Way Highlighter, I do not regret it at all! This liquid highlight comes in a plastic tube with a pump that dispenses a bit too much depending on the purpose you're using it for! I tried it under foundation, mixed with foundation and on top of foundation focused on the high points of my face! It performs very well in the 3 but my favourite way to use has to be on the highlighting points! The light pink colour gives a strong glow at first but with some setting powder on top it makes it all so much wearable on a daily basis! It has a thicker consistency compared to the Sleek one which makes it a bit more sticky on the skin, nevertheless it is an amazing highlighter that I recommend! 
Next to the game came a sample size of the Benefit High Beam, part of a Birchbox which left me delighted as I never tried it before! Well... it is very subtle, barely noticeable if you don't pack on it! I was very disappointed! Expected a strong glow but maybe it is my way of using it! Who knows! Within or with foundation I haven't tried as it is so tiny but on top of the cheekbones and high points of my face I gave it a go a few times and none of them left me speechless! It is a good highlighter if you're starting with liquid products and are afraid of applying too much, but for me I can't find a place in my routine nor excuse to buy the full size since it is way too expensive for its performance!
Last comes favourite! Sleek Barekissed Illuminators are the revolution of drugstore liquid products, in my opinion! They come in 4 different shades where one is a pink and the other a brown that I suppose are meant to be used on darker skin tones, what a bless!! I love when affordable brands think of everyone when doing a product! Well done Sleek!
So, Monaco is the shade I picked and oh my!!! It is breathtaking! I love this in any way, under foundation, mixed with foundation or on top of it! This looks amazing on my skin, I feel like rocking it when I use this product! It gives the most stunning glow all over the face, that glow from within we all wish for!! On top of foundation, enhances all the shapes in your face and doesn't need any other highlighter on top to make it noticeable! The glass packaging and the 30ml mark turns this product into a more luxurious thing in your collection and its performance is on top! I carries more of a neutral pink tone to it and more reflective parts compared to the Seventeen one that side by side looks straight up pink shimmer. 
Overall I'm very impressed with the drugstore liquid highlighters and as they won't see an end soon I must stay for these now! But can't wait to give some others a try in the future as they look promising!

Do you own any liquid highlight? Which one is your favourite?

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