3 Mini Mascaras Of The Moment


I love mini makeup! It actually comes in handy at some points when you feel like you won't use up the product in your life being the reasons the insane amount of makeup you already own or simply disliking it!
When it takes to high end products I always try to go for the mini sizes first if possible and see if I would actually spend the 20£ mark on a full size mascara!
Being all of these favourites each of them carries a different reason for the special spot in my heart!
Roller Lash by Benefit leaves my eyelashes curled all day, plumped and with the length I love! I find that used in more than 1 layer it starts to glue together my lashes so one is enough and perfect to go! Lasting power is pretty good and doesn't flake! 

They're Real! is my most recent addition and I've been liking it but not over the moon about it! If I had to buy one it would probably be the Roller Lash but still this one gives me volume and length enough to my liking is just pretty much the brush that actually hurts my eyes sometimes, have no idea why it is so sharp! It stays put like no other and is a pain to take off something that puts me off using it more often! The effect it gives makes me understand why so many people love it and sure they're right to!

Smashbox Full Exposure in the other hand is a very easy to get out mascara, I would say that easy  if you have watery eyes! It smudges a little bit on the lower lashes so I avoid using it there and to be honest it doesn't do anything wow to my lashes that's why it comes in hand in a job like mine where the minimal makeup is the only accepted. When using this mascara I can pull out subtle lashes with still a bit of definition achieving at the same time an awake look at 5 o'clock that I very much need!

Overall I love each of these mascaras for different reasons, if I were about to get a full size I would pick Roller Lash by Benefit but since I don't see that happening any soon (way too much money for a mascara) I'm still on the hunt for the one that steals my heart!

Do you try sample mascaras first or dive in straight away?

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