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A good highlight comes in many shapes, shades and textures and when it takes to my inner corners I like to play high! A strong inner corner makes any eyes pop and to achieve such awake look I go for any of these three different pens, or shall I say crayons!

ELF Jumbo Pencil in French Lace | Catrice Made To Stay Highlighter Pen in 010 | NYX Jumbo Pencil in Cottage Cheese
If I'm looking for a more warm inner corner the ELF Jumbo Pencil does the job, unfortunately I don't have any name on it but I suppose it is the shade French Lace , so hopefully I'm not wrong! Any way, this champagne colour suits any warm eyeshadow look and stays put through out the day reasonably, I have super watery inner corners so it's easy for a product to go everywhere or simply disappear after a few hours of wear. It can be used as a base for eyeshadow but this creases on me quite a lot so I avoid that! It is not my favourite but is good to have it just in case!
Here comes the queen! The Catrice Highlighting Pen is out of this world! It goes nowhere, even with my watery eyes, I could be crying this would stay put! It's incredible pigmented and catches the light in a way that I love, it makes my eyes pop and look radiant! The shade is more of a cool champagne colour and goes with any kind of look! I love to use it alone with eyeliner or in more complex eyeshadow works! It is stunning and I recommend it a lot!
Cottage Cheese comes in as influence of NikkieTutorials, who would've say that right!! If you read MB for a long time you already know Nikkie is the one I trust so everything she says is good I sure know it is!! Anyway, this particular shade is very pigmented and more of a white which brings any look to life, I tend to be light handed on a daily basis and use it at full on those dramatic looks! The formula is smooth and lasts well! I haven't tried it as shadow base but if it's as good as Milk it shall hold the shadows like glue!! I just don't get the name but well NYX knows how it goes!

Overall highlighting pens take part of my makeup routine very often and sure replace some of those powder-y champagne shadows giving more of a natural glow and fake those super awake eyes we all look for! I've only tried these on my eyes but something is telling me they would give amazing highlighters for the face so maybe next time I'll put that to test! 

What do you use to highlight your inner corner?

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