The Nudes, The Pinks & The Fall!


It is no surprise I've been obsessed with lipsticks lately and if you though I would stop in the Fall Lipstick Wardrobe Take 2 you were very wrong! ;)
So Nudes, I have always been obsessed with nudes, in fact my favourite lipstick is guess what... a nude! But talking more pinkish tones I have not been crazy about them till recently which leaves me very impressed with myself! 
Even so, these pink lipsticks are very wearable not straight up neon pink on the lips which makes me a bit more comfortable when wearing them out there!  

Maybelline 930 Nude Embrace | Rimmel 200 It's a Keeper | Jordana 05 Matte Classy | Jordana o4 Matte Tease | Sephora 13 
First comes the nude and this is the Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipstick which looks like a brownish colour on the swatches but stays fabulous on the lips! It has the nicest formula out of the matte lipsticks I own and wears for a pretty decent time throughout the day! What I love the most is to pair it with different lip liners and create different shades! 
On the Pink department I got me this Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick that has a super comfortable formula where the shade is in between a bright and muted pink colour that I can't really describe! It looks amazing on the lips and lasts fairly long!
Next to the game I have Jordana Modern Matte Lipsticks that are amazing in formula, colour pay off and comfort at wear, being the first a a mauve kind of shade that I love unconditionally and the second a more daring pink that I surprisingly like a lot on my lips!  
Last but never least is my most favourite liquid lipstick out of the ones I own and girl how I regret not getting more!! Sephora Cream Lip Stain has an amazing staying power, colour pay off and is so so so comfortable on the lips!! The shade I picked was the 13 a very deep mauve pink shade that gives any look a hint of life! It has a stunning formula and colour and I hope Sephora comes out with more shades as they were more on the redish side where I got mine!

Overall, the Fall is not only made of dark vampy lips but also the nudes and the pinks! I love every lipstick here and as the top one I have Sephora and Maybelline choices but with all my honesty the 5 are worth the money and all very affordable if you're wondering!

Do you have a favourite nude for the Fall?

Thanks for reading,

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