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Skincare has become one of my favourite things to try lately but most of the time the greatest products are very expensive so it comes in handy to get sample size of those to try out before the commitment!
So what does my skincare pot carry inside?

I must say it starts with a bright orange pot that actually is full size (50ml) and came as the most recent addition to the band! Origins GinZing is its name and performs as a daily moisturiser who promises radiant and energised skin! Its lightweight and refreshing formula is a dream to apply in the morning and wake me up for definite considering the 5am alarm clock is not good enough for that! 
Next to it we can see the Sanctuary Spa Illuminating Moisture Lotion which has a special spot in my heart! It is my second sample size of this and why didn't I buy the big one? I wasn't using it enough to justify a big one considering it expires! It is a cream formula that helps me get moisturised skin when I need it and comes with a SPF of 15! I usually use it on those days I feel my skin needs the S.O.S treatment and since my combination complexion doesn't have much of those I haven't decided for the big one, yet!
Something unclear but definitely present is the Sanctuary Spa Pore Refining Toner - that comes to tone the complexion promising reducing the pores of my skin. It definitely won't get them smaller forever but I noticed it has helped a little bit. I confess I don't use it on a regular basis so maybe I should go for a few days straight of using it and take better conclusions out of it! 
My first thing from The Body Shop comes in a small green pot that you can barely see up there but sure is strong! The Tea Tree Oil  treatment helped me fight my big spots back in the day, I fortunately don't get many of those nowadays but it still stays in there just in case!
Not that I need an eye cream for the dark circles or fine lines but for sure need one to moisture the under eye area! I went on a hunt for one but wasn't too keen to spend a lot so got me the Simple Kind To Eyes Soothing Eye Balm which in fact is very lightweight and smooth to the skin, it moistures but I feel it a bit too much on the everyday, so I save it for the S.O.S times!
Magazines are the best place to try things from I just got a new mascara from one and those REN bits you see up there are all from magazines as well! Once I got a Lip Balm in full size worth 9£ it was a very good deal and I must say I use it over any other thing I own! It really is that great! 
From a more recent purchase I got a trio that came with the REN Vita Mineral Daily Supplement Moisturising Cream, V-Cense Revitalising Night Cream and the Vita Mineral Active 7 Eye Cream being them all very good! My favourite has to be the night cream as it gives me the moisture I need but doesn't leave my skin oily nor make it react to it in a bad way! I've noticed since using it my dry patches are pretty much gone and alongside a few other bits on my skincare it sure helped me get a brighter complexion! I'm considering to get the full size but the price thou... I'm just waiting for a very good deal! The day cream is nice but I didn't find anything special about it, maybe it's because I'm completely glued to my Origins one, but I shall give it a try on its own for a good few days and see how it goes! The eye cream is also very good, my under eye area has been moisturised since I started using it and I don't use it everyday, if I did it may would last me like a week! It is a very tiny bottle but I could already take a few conclusions out of it! 
Lastly on my skincare pot I have, also from magazines freebies, the Malin + Goetz trio that comes with a moisturiser, a lip balm and a face wash. I haven't find anything extra special about them but still I'm going to make a week stop from my others and only use these to see how they perform alone! 

I love me a good sample whether it is skincare or makeup! I think in most times it's worth to try something in a smaller size before the real commitment, mostly on those high end skincare brands! Also it is a good way to get to know products we never heard about or would not consider before! 

Do you own many skincare sample bits? Or you always opt for the full size?

Thanks for reading,

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