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5/0 Van Gogh 191 Royal Talents | 0 ProArte Polar 31 White Nylon | 3/4 Graduate Round Mop | 2 ProArte Masterstroke 61 | 4/0 Van Gogh 191 Royal Talents | 0 ProArte Masterstroke 61

Makeup itself can come expensive at times, if you're starting out you'll feel like everything is way too much money for just makeup but when you see the price of good brushes you will think twice! 
On my early days of makeup I started with Essence makeup brushes that retail between 2£ and 5£ each which was not really bad and I still own most of them as they perform really well and have been holding on for 5 years now! But with an ever so growing makeup collection I wanted to try new brushes but damn girl they were all very expensive and it was when this came to me...

As you already may know I studied Arts for 3 years and the amount of material I own may be the same as my makeup - double guilty pleasure what can I say - so getting to know the tools for my paint lessons gave me a whole lot of a different perspective and how I could apply that to my makeup. Take note that the best brushes for liquids and creams may be the watercolour ones as they are fluffy and design to work with wet products.

I started with the obvious 0, 00, 1, and so on and ended up with what seems like 10 of the almost same but yet different size brushes! These are amazing for eyeliner, they give you a precision application since the handle is thin and well made to detailed painting, which is what we look for in our eyeliner! I've used so many that I lost count but my favourites have to be the Van Gogh and ProArte ones! Also when you clean them everything gets out of the brush and they don't shed, remember, they are made to be used with watercolours mostly so it stays strong after a wash!
Have you ever struggled to find a good lip brush? Me too! I own an Elf one and it is good but my favourites have to come from the Masterstroke Series 61 by ProArte! These have the shape of a flat shader brush, that could also be used in that case if in a bigger size, and very soft to touch, they get the perfect amount of product and provide sharp lines even to the beginners on the subject! I also love to use the same shape brushes to apply concealer on the spots as it covers only the affected area helping blending into the skin effortlessly! 
Lastly I have my most recent addition,  a Graduate Round Mop that I use to apply blush! I compare it to a stippling brush in a way as it packs the perfect amount of product and helps blending to the skin! Its shape also gives me more precision as I don't tend to go too far with blush and only on the designated area! The best part - it costs 3£! 
I also own one Van Gogh brush that I use to blend eyeshadow, that I forgot to include here as it is so similar to regular blending brushes! It is very good quality but I've not been using much lately as I prefer my Zoeva ones to that job! Still it is a matter of looking for the shapes you may need and multi task them! 

All of the brushes mentioned cost between 1£ to 3£ depending on the shop but they should stay between those price tags! I must say I love each one of these and am still increasing my collection on artist brushes, finding new shapes and new uses to it! I think it is one of the best ways to save money and still have a variety of brushes to use on a daily basis!

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