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H&M has been one of my favourite places to buy clothes from, affordable and cute things that actually suit my not so usual taste so when I heard about them doing a proper makeup line I was wowed!
First off I was not expecting that much of a choice of product and colour and since I was tempted to buy everything from the store I forced myself to grab just a few items, all for eyes! How shocking right! I know I don't need more eyeshadows nor eyeliners but they were so pigmented and I couldn't resist! I'm hunting for their blushes and matte lipsticks now!!

Aqua Liquid Eyeliner in Charcoal Spark | Colour Essence Eye Pencil in Almost Midnight & Copper Bullion | High Impact Eye Colour in Mojave  

The packaging is white, gold and black which makes it look fancy for a clothing makeup brand, if you know what I mean! Having an enormous range of different shades the eyeshadows were what blown me away the most! You can find different finishes, even full on glitter, different shades from neutrals to bold blues and greens and all very pigmented! I swatched almost every single shade and the buttery consistency is equal to all of them - impressed!
On the eyeliner department I decided to go for 2 pencil liners one in a copper shade and the other in a plum shade, both perfect for Fall! The liquid liner I got is a black with silver glitter that unfortunately doesn't show off as much as I'd like it to when dried on the eye lids! But that can be a good addition to a not so adventurous makeup lover to wear on night outs!

Overall the line is very good for the price as for what I've tried so far and definitely one to keep an eye out for future tries!

Have you tried H&M Makeup items? Tell me your favourites!

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