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Since I'm having the busiest time at the bakery working extra hours and extra days to get it all done in time and up to costumers expectations I decided it was time to share some of my favourite works till date. 
I've been working with buttercream for only 6 months now and as with everything in life it takes time to perfect it so if you're a pro on the matter judge me not if you spot some things here and there! 
Hopefully you'll enjoy seeing a bit more of my sweet side ;) 

My Own Birthday Cake! Blue Vanilla Sponge w/ Praline & Honey Buttercream
No 9 Vanilla (don't mind the mess)

Frozen Heart Shape Cake
Frozen Cupcakes
Baby Shower Cupcakes

Green, White & Pink Cupcakes

Peacock cupcakes for a Wedding

Blue & Purple Cupcakes
I hope you enjoyed this post and will be glad to see more of these in the future!

Thanks for reading,

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