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I'm late to the party, once again! A bit early at the same time as I've seen the new design of this foundation bottle and it looks fantastic!  Apart from all those little things I have a very mixed review coming up on this.
To start off my first impression was 'this is not what I was expecting' in a bad way! Blame my skin or the foundation itself but it looked awful! My Kiko Universal Fit does a way better job than this and comes cheaper!
I first bought this as I was "tired' of seeing everyone raving about it being the best drugstore foundation out there, who can deal with something like that in a good way? I can't for sure! I had to try it for myself. Colour wise it is a good match for this upcoming winter and the shade selection on these is very impressive for sure! Undertone seems right as well so what is the real problem here? The way it looked on my skin! The way it enhanced every little pore of my nose making it look patchy and kinda ugly! The way it adhered to my dry patches was in 5 seconds time and how uneven it applied to my skin not covering my redness nor my spots, what you expect from a supposedly full coverage foundation! It left stripe like marks when used with my hands or a brush, the finish was the same either ways! Shall I use a beauty blender? I have no idea but if it is a good product should work with a brush at least! It was not good. I felt very disappointed at this and couldn't find a good reason to try it again.
Later on I got myself the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and gave it a go once again! This time the finish was more natural and covered most of my redness even thou it still enhanced some of my pores on my nose, it's something to watch out. I heard its been reformulated so hopefully the new formula won't give you that kind of problem! Anyway, I'm in better terms with this foundation but it is by no means my favourite which leaves me a bit disappointed with the overall hype, am I the only one that doesn't love it?

If you've tried either this version or the new one leave your opinion below!

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