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Even Skin Tone Foundation in 010 | Liquid Camouflage Concealer in 010 | Liquid Metal Eyeshadow in 020 Gold n' Roses | Multi Matt Blush in 020 La-lavander | Blush in 110 Legend-berry | Lumination Blush in C01 Flushed-Fiction | Ultimate Stay Lipstick in 070 Plum & Base / 080 Passionred

How do we start this, I went to Portugal and Catrice happened! I mean this happened! I don't have any other excuse than it's one of my favourite brands in the drugstore and since we can't get hold of it in the UK , for now, I always snap as much as I can when in holiday! I've been wanting to get so many of their Fall/Winter products that I was very glad to see my wishlist going down! 

First things first, I was dying to get my hands on these lipsticks!! They are amazing, sleek packaging that I love and very good quality! I picked up 2 shades one on the plumy side - 070 Plum & Base - and other more of a pinky-red shade - 080 PassionRed -! Both matte and soft on the lips I can't wait to wear them more and give a proper review in the future, the shade selection is great but I've been getting so many lip products lately that I had to hold back and just get 2!
On the eye department I was a good girl and kept myself to one of the Liquid Metal Eyeshadows in a beautiful rose gold shade -020 Gold n' Roses- stunning all over the lid!!
I've been also obsessed with blushes lately and even thou I prefer them matte I went a little bit out of my comfort zone and snapped 2 shimmery ones and 1 matte! All of them pink whereas one is more plumy - 110 Legend-berry - and the others more of a mauve muted pink shade - 020 La-lavander (matte) / (Limited Edition - Lumination) C01 Flushed-Fiction -! 
Keeping the face theme I finally grabbed one foundation from Catrice, I used to love their tinted moisturiser but never tried a proper foundation before, Kiko has served me well, still does in fact! If you follow LetzMakeup on youtube she's been raving about this particular foundation - Even Skin Tone Beautifying Foundation - a lot lately and since I was going to Portugal why not grab it to try myself! I've been liking it a lot for what I've used so far, very thick for what I was expecting and for sure evens out the skin tone, I'll be reviewing it in a future post! Last but never least comes the most wanted product of them all, a liquid version of the Camouflage Concealer, I must say I had to go to another city to find it and it was the last one in my shade!! I haven't tried it yet as I have many other concealers in use at the moment but as soon as I test it I will share my opinion! 

At the end I went home with 8 of my most wanted products from a favourite brand and I can already say when the spring collection comes out for sure more will come to my wishlist! 

Have you tried Catrice products before? Which one is your favourite?

Thanks for reading,

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