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Skincare changes every once in a while and since my skin has been through many fases, due to its combination complexion, I sure am always switching up products!
Late to the party, as always, The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil (11£) made its way to my routine and its going nowhere! 

I'm not one to buy a product for the hypes, I like to have my own opinions on things, mostly be prepared for the not so great points of it, this was no exception. When I first bought it I had in mind I would like to try a cleansing oil and this was on my list for a while so I gave in.
To say that I am impressed is an understatement! With a very runny consistency, as you would expect, this oil breaks most of the makeup on my face leaving my skin soft and hydrated, with no greasy film afterwards! It is easy and quick to use, gives me amazing results and the best part, it doesn't break me out!! The pump in it makes my life 10x easier as I'm that lazy girl that doesn't want to take her makeup off and the only downside of the packaging is that it leaks when laid down! Be aware! Apart from that I can't say a bad thing about this oil! The smell is not too strong, at least for me, and I can say is the most effective product to take off my face makeup! Win!
On the oil department I'm yet to try other brands but I've been eyeing the Superfacialist one, if you tried it tell me how it is! 
I'm a huge fan of easy skincare so I can stick to it easily, with this product I feel like I don't need to spend a lot of time cleaning my skin nor using endless amount of products to make it feel soft and hydrated! One to repurchase on the future! 

Have you tried TBS Cleansing Oil?

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