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Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting palette finally came to my collection and I couldn't be happier about it! I've been all over highlights lately and this is the perfect addition to make skin glow all day and look divine!
With 3 creams and 1 powder you can use this for endless purposes giving the perfect purse palette for those who look for glowy looks on a daily basis! I sure will take it with me on my next trip to Portugal!
As you can expect not all of the shades suit my skin tone to be highlighters so I tend to try them in other ways where I take the most out of each product! 

Eyeshadow Base
Cream eyeshadows are popular on the beauty world and since these highlighters are creamy why not use them as eyeshadows? It will add a shimmer to the look worn alone or give the extra hint on top of any eyeshadow! I personally love to use the warmer tones all over the lid and the cool tone on the inner corner!! It is also a way to use the darker shades as I don't tend to wear them on my face often!

If eyeshadow is not your cup of tea you can always play with these highlighters as eyeliners, mostly the darker shades! The creamy bases will glide one easily and the powder one will make a great smudged and natural liner for every day!

To give dimension to the lips we often go for the glosses but if you're like me and don't bother to get tacky glossy tubes you'll love to use this on top of a lipstick! If applied to the center of the lips it will give dimension and illusion of fuller lips but careful with colour choice and intensity as it can look fake!

Under my foundation and or after, this palette is amazing to create a glowy skin through out the day! This highlighting creams go nowhere! I used them for an entire day and at night they were still intact! I usually set them with face powder or if I feel like it I will go over top with a powder highlighter but usually I don't need that as the pigmentation of these is that good alone!

Have you tried Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette?

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