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What a journey! By this time I finished what seems to be my 100th slice of Domino's pizza that I don't regret but still feel all the fat coming to me, sooner or later. Healthier life I said back in the day right? Not happening right now but hopefully soon.
Something is about to change, what sounds to be a great life in London has become more of a what I don't want for me... ever! 
Do I regret coming here? No, but the things I had to go through at some points were not the best! Even thou I'm thankful for them... now I give much more value to the upcoming ones! 
I quitted my job. I was not happy, I've been thinking about leaving for a few months now but even with so many job opportunities out there, with my experience being only in Pastry it becomes hard to get on something else. I knew what I didn't want - to work for a small company, as I had enough of that, and to work on a kitchen as I get sick when I smell ready made food in the morning. There was a start point, at least.
On a very usual evening I convinced my boyfriend to go for a try a this certain bakery that I'm fan of for a long time now. Meanwhile I decided it was good to bring my CV with me, well why not? Something happened. I went on an interview and got up for a trial, that finished the day before I'm writing this post and I'm in! 
I had quitted my job even before knowing that I could have a chance of working at this new place so I felt delighted to know that the job was mine. 
What I want with this is to share a bit of my experience, I was not happy in a job and even thou it's not recommendable to quit before anything else comes up I sure will not say for you to wait for something else to happen. When the problem is in the people things are most likely to never change so bare in mind what you expect from a job and what you hope to get at the end of the day.
It was not ideal, it was not even acceptable. I've worked 14 hours in a day at points making at least 40 hours in 4 days if not more and many other things that I'd rather not mention. You see the point. I worked a lot for a place that did not recognise my effort and qualities to come home unhappy, complaining all the time and not sleeping well! It's hard for me and for the people around me, if I'm grumpy all the time people won't enjoy being with me or talk to me which brings me to this point - balance the most important and the not so important things in life!  
I left this job for my own health. Physical and mental! I've been eating bad, like pure crap everyday... If I tell you how many times I had McDonalds in a space of 2 days you wouldn't believe me... I've been having less sleep that my body can stand and the hours I'm awake I can only be depressed about my job. 
When something of this level is wrong nothing else can be right so hopefully with this change things will get better. My health will improve, my mood and my sleep will be at the right level and the people around me will have a less grumpy Sara!
This came out to be a bit of rambling post so hopefully you're still here reading this, if so I'm thankful for having you as for the past months, blogging has been one of those things that made my day better!

Whenever you feel bad in a situation that you can control, think about it! Change for better and don't give up, better days are coming!

Thanks for reading,

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